Tripoli Strapatsada

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3 eggs 60gr skinned tomatoes 50gr feta cheese in cubes 40gr onion, finely chopped 20gr green pepper 50gr olive oil Salt Black pepper, freshly ground Preparation Lightly fry the onion in the olive oil. Add the skinned tomatoes which have been chopped until they slightly boil. Add the eggs progressively after having beat them. Season… [read more]

Aubergines with feta cheese and tomato sauce

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80gr fried aubergines (large sliced rings) 40gr tomato sauce with basil 40gr feta cheese, crumbled, peppery 1gr thyme For the tomato sauce 100gr fresh tomatoes, finely chopped 30gr onion, finely chopped 5gr garlic 10gr fresh basil leaves Preparation Slice the aubergines in large rings. Deep fry them in hot oil and put aside. Prepare the… [read more]

Barbecued surprise feta cheese


80gr feta cheese 20gr green peppers 40gr tomatoes cut in rings 20gr virgin olive oil Mountain oregano Preparation Cut the feta cheese and place the fresh tomato rings on top. Continue by placing the finely chopped green peppers. Barbecue for 5-7 minutes in aluminum foil. Place in plate and season with the oregano and the olive… [read more]