Cheesenet in Bulgaria

Cheesenet was invited by the Bulgarian National Milk Board to inform the Bulgarian cheese producers about the E.U. Promotional Programs of Agricultural Products. The National Milk Board of Bulgaria believes that Greece through Cheesenet and Hellenic Foreign Trade Board has made a huge progress in the promotion of P.D.O. cheeses and can be used as models in the promotion of Bulgarian cheeses.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the biggest dairies of Bulgaria (TYRBUL, Philipopolis, etc.) and the President of the Dairy Processors, Mr Michail Velkov. Mr. Pantelis Rapanakis, Cheesenet President, and Ms. Annie Lekkou, programme Coordinator, presented the Greek programme. In conclusion it can be said that it is very positive that new member countries in the European Union such as Bulgaria and Romania ask for our aid concerning the implementation of community programs, so early.


Ms. Annie Lekkou and Bulgarian National Milk Board Executive Director Ms. Genoveva Bakarjieva