Feta cream with strawberry sauce


A Mixture : 250gr fresh cream 100gr honey B Mixture: 7gr gelatin leaves 350gr soft feta cheese C Mixture: 1 vanilla 20gr Cointreau For the strawberry sauce : 100gr strawberry puree 30gr sugar 15gr Tia Maria Preparation 1. Place in a saucepan the ingredients of mixture A (fresh cream, honey) until they boil. 2. Put… [read more]

Tarts with feta mousse and chocolate ganache

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For the tart: 250gr soft flour 125gr fresh butter 60gr icing sugar 1 egg 1 vanilla Feta mousse: 300gr soft feta cheese 50gr honey 100gr fresh cream 4gr cardamom 1 vanilla lemon grind Chocolate ganache: 150gr milk 20gr glucose 300gr dark chocolate Preparation For the tart: Blend all the ingredients together in the mixer until… [read more]

Syrupy feta parcels

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For the filling : 200gr soft feta cheese 50gr honey 50gr fresh cream 15gr corn flour 2gr ginger For the syrup: 300gr sugar 100gr honey 200gr water Preparation For the stuffing, place all the ingredients in the mixer and blend them together. For the syrup, prepare all the ingredients together for a minute after the… [read more]

Aubergines with feta cheese

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250gr aubergines, halved 80gr olive oil 80gr sliced onions 10gr garlic 60gr feta cheese 50gr fresh tomato sauce Salt, pepper Thyme Dill Preparation Wash well the aubergines and fry them in olive oil. Let them in a sieve and prepare the tomato sauce with garlic and herbs. Place the aubergines in a dish and fill… [read more]