Cycladic Salad

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50gr cherry tomatoes from Santorini 40gr crumbled feta, seasoned with red pepper and marjoram 40gr lettuce hearts 30gr large Aegean prawns 10gr parsley, finely chopped 50gr olive oil with vinegar, rosemary and lemon 10gr black olives, pitted Preparation Boil the prawns in water with salt and vinegar. Wash well the lettuce hearts and place them… [read more]

Thessaly Salad

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50gr fresh spinach leaves 30gr walnuts in quarters 40gr sun dried tomatoes 30gr spring onion bulbs 40gr feta cheese cut in slices 40gr olive oil and vinegar Black pepper 1gr cumin seeds Preparation Wash the salad leaves and break the walnuts in small pieces. Place the spinach leaves at the bottom of the plate and… [read more]

Cretan fragokastelo salad

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Cretan fragokastelo salad 40gr crumbled feta cheese 60gr skinned tomatoes 20gr anchovies 5gr capers 10gr olives cut un small pieces 50gr barley rusk in pieces Fresh thyme 30gr vinaigrette with olive oil and lemon juice. Preparation Skin the tomatoes after having boiled them for a few seconds. Break the rusks in small pieces and place… [read more]

Classical Horiatiki

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1. Classical Horiatiki 80gr tomatoes cut in cubes 60gr cucumber peeled and cut in slices 50gr feta cheese cut in cubes 20gr onion in rings 10gr green peppers in slices 10gr escarole A pinch of oregano 4 black olives 40gr olive oil with vinegar, salt and pepper Preparation Wash all the vegetables well. Cut the… [read more]