Feta cream with strawberry sauce


A Mixture : 250gr fresh cream 100gr honey B Mixture: 7gr gelatin leaves 350gr soft feta cheese C Mixture: 1 vanilla 20gr Cointreau For the strawberry sauce : 100gr strawberry puree 30gr sugar 15gr Tia Maria Preparation 1. Place in a saucepan the ingredients of mixture A (fresh cream, honey) until they boil. 2. Put… [read more]

Tarts with feta mousse and chocolate ganache

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For the tart: 250gr soft flour 125gr fresh butter 60gr icing sugar 1 egg 1 vanilla Feta mousse: 300gr soft feta cheese 50gr honey 100gr fresh cream 4gr cardamom 1 vanilla lemon grind Chocolate ganache: 150gr milk 20gr glucose 300gr dark chocolate Preparation For the tart: Blend all the ingredients together in the mixer until… [read more]