CheeseNet and HEPO at IFE, London


With a “portfolio” complete in its designs and original presentations, Kerasma will be presented at the international exhibition “IFE 07 THE INT’L FOOD & DRINK EVENT”, the largest commercial exhibition of food and drink in Great Britain, held at ExCel, London’s events venue. Greek specialties, prepared by Konstantinos Vasalos, one of the members of the… [read more]

Fetamania Tournament


The Fetamania Cup Tournament took place at the Palaio Faliro court, with the participation of PSAT President Mr. Antonis Antoniadis, a number of fans and the Wembley veterans, who demonstrated their unique football talent. Mr. Antonis Antoniadis, PSAT President. As for the scores, Panathinaikos played against Athens Mikti, and turned the game from 0-3 to… [read more]

Fetamania Cup Academy Closing Ceremony


The Fetamania Cup Academy Closing Ceremony took place on Monday, May 29th with great success. After a successful year, the Academy closed for the Summer period and gave CDs and many gifts to al participants. Furthermore, medals were awarded to nine Academy members; namely, six girls, one coach and two children with special needs. The… [read more]

Fetamania in Volos


Cheesenet has undertaken the promotion of Greek Feta cheese to Greek and European youngsters, with the help and support of the EU and the Greek Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as described by EU Regulation ΕΚ 2826/2000. This week, a number of shows began in Volos, including: May 10th, 11th: Information Days in Nea Ionia… [read more]

Fetamania in Salonica


The Salonica events ended successfully on Tuesday, May 2nd 2006. The events were scheduled as follows: Fetaland – Land of Feta Cheese: this was built in OLT Warehouse C to include an infokiosk, game machines, live cooking by well-known chefs, web surfing to include the website and movie and edutainment shows, as well as… [read more]

Fetamania in Alexandroupoli


CheeseNet’s mobile unit recently found itself in Alexandroupoli, informing local consumers from the city and Thrace about Feta. The aims of the programme are to inform youngsters, teachers and journalists about Feta cheese PDO and to make them aware consumers. The shows included the following: Creation of Fetaland – Land of Feta in a Grecotel Egnatia… [read more]

Fetamania Veterans’ soccer club plays Stuttgard team


A Veterans’ game took place in Stuttgard on Saturday, April 29th, between the veterans’ soccer teams of Athens and Stuttgard. The Greek team was sponsored by Fetamania. The game was watched by a number of Greek immigrants and Germans, who were given free informative material and small barrels of Feta. The event was characterised as… [read more]