ch_anevatoAnevato cheese is produced in both the prefecture of Grevena and in the province of Boiou of the Kozani prefecture from sheep milk, goat milk or a combination of both. It is a soft, grainy cheese, white in colour, with an acescent and pleasant taste and aroma, without shape, rind or holes, usually served with a spoon. It has a 60% maximum humidity and a 45% fat content.

For its production, milk is stored at 18-22 oC until it obtains an acidity of almost 35 oD. It is then placed into cooling booths in 2-4 oC, where it stays for 24 hours. It is then warmed up to 12-14 oC; rennet is then added to coagulate the produce within 12 hours. Afterwards, the mixture is divided and allowed to remain in the cheese booth for another 12 hours. Finally, it is strained, salted and allowed to mature for at least 2 months.