San Michali

ch_sanmichaliSan Michali cheese is produced from cow milk in the island of Syros. It is a hard, cylindrical cheese with compact mass and very small, irregular holes. It has an off-white colour and a salty and peppery taste. It has an external rind which is often covered with paraffin. It has a 40% maximum humidity and 36% minimum dry fat content.

For its production, cow milk is skimmed and pasteurised. After the coagulation at 32-34 C the curd that is obtained is divided, warmed up to 48-50 C, partly salted, transferred in moulds and placed under strong pressure. It is then salted by immersion in brine at a temperature of 10-14 C and density of 18-20 Be for 12 days. The cheese is then placed in maturation rooms with a temperature of 14-16 C and relative humidity of 85%, where it remains for at least 4 months.