Kalathaki Limnou

ch_kalathakiKalathaki Limnou cheese is a brine cheese, produced in the island of Limnos from sheep milk or a combination with goat milk which should not exceed 30% of the total.

It has the shape of a small head and does not have an external rind. Its mass is white and it bears the marks of the willow basket in which it has matured. It has a 56% maximum humidity and 43% minimum fat content. It is considered a soft cheese and has a cylindrical shape with a characteristic embossed aspect. It is commonly found in cylindrical pieces, 10-15 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height. Pieces usually weigh between 0.7 and 1.3 kgr, and are compact with small cuts, but no or very few holes. Kalathaki Limnou matures and is kept in brine and has a pleasant, slightly acidic taste and rich aroma.

For its production, milk coagulation occurs at 33-34 C. Forty-five to sixty minutes after the addition of rennet, the curd remains immobile for a few minutes and is then transported for draining and organic acidification in special cylindrical moulds which give it its special embossed aspect. When the draining is completed, the cheese is removed from the moulds and salted. It is then placed in metal containers and covered with brine. The containers are placed first in maturation booths with a temperature of 14-18 C for three weeks and then in cooling booths with a temperature of less than 6 C for the completion of the maturation time, which is at least 2 months.