Cheesenet in Anuga 07 exhibition

People are still talking about our impressive participation in the Anuga 07 international exhibition, in Cologne, Germany. The exhibition, which took place between the 13th and 17th of October 2007, placed a special emphasis on the official implementation of the Directive regarding the protection of Feta cheese (15/10/2007).

Cheesenet’s pavilion in Anuga 07

Aided by HEPO, Cheesenet created an unprecedented Greek presence in a spacious 200 sq.m. pavilion, aiming at the promotion of Greek cheese. Cheesenet’s pavilion stood proudly next to the largest companies of the world cheese market, and inside it Greek nutritional culture was promoted to the world public opinion with unprecedented success. The kiosk was supplemented with impressive kiosks by DODONI, MEVGAL, KOLIOS, VIVARTIA, OLYMPOS and other Greek industries.


Mr. Rapanakis, Cheesenet President, with HEPO President Mr. Papastavrou, Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Kontos, and General Secretary Mr. Avgoulas

The epitome of the Greek presence was the visit by the Greek Minister Mr. Kontos to the Cheesenet kiosk, where he declared for the media “… the promotion of Feta cheese to the international market will be our main activity for the coming year …”.


Mr. Rapanakis, Cheesenet President, with Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Kontos

Among the events occurring simultaneously, particularly noteworthy were the presentation by the two top German TV stars, TV chef Stefan Marquard and ΤV Moderator and journalist Birte Karalus, at the Hyatt Regency Cologne, where a surprise culinary show took place. With Feta cheese at its epicentre and co-ordinated by Eftihis Bletsas (or FT) the 3 TV stars created and discussed many recipes with Feta and other Cheeses in their own unique way…


Eftihis Bletsas and Stefan Marquard

The entire event was videotaped by 3 TV channels, to be aired by the German and Greek television.


Eftihis Bletsas and the Greek Chefs

The creation and preparation of the recipes presented at both the Cheesenet pavilion the Hyatt dinner event were organized by the well-known chef of “Kerasma”, Konstatinos Vassalos and his team, who distinguished themselves for their original recipes and their imaginative use of Greek ingredients.


Journalist Birte Karalus with the Chefs