Cheesenet in Holland


Right next to the biggest firms of the food sector, CHEESENET made its own impressive appearance, fascinating the people who embraced the annual HUISHOUDBEURS exhibition in Amsterdam. To be more specific, CHEESENET’s stand was placed in the hall “exposanten culinair” at the number 11.600. The HUISHOUDBEURS exhibition is already famous for the open character that it maintains in regards to the variety of the products included, offering consumers a great opportunity to inform themselves about various products concerning different sectors.


CHEESENET is a non-profit organization that has undertaken the promotion of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses produced in Greece and especially Feta PDO.The company stand had 2 infokiosks equipped with touch screens, where visitors could find all the information about not only Feta cheese, but also all Greek PDO cheeses. The information provided concerned production, history, importance of the products in the daily diet and elements that differentiate them from the rest of the cheeses whose raw material is the cow’s milk. Moreover, a plasma wide screen was showing a film describing the 3000 years of feta existence and history. The film provided details of Feta’s origin and its route through the centuries.


At a special space consumers had the opportunity to participate in the Feta test. Few of the participants knew that real feta is produced in Greece and that only Greek Feta producers are allowed to write “Feta” on the package. This demonstrated what Dutch consumers think of Feta and the rest of the white cheeses, and strengthened the company’s will towards the achievement of their goal. During the test, the ones that chose Feta PDO made of sheep and goat’s milk were approved with a “beeheehe” sound resembling a sheep’s voice, and the ones that chose other white cheeses were accompanied by a “booehoe” sound resembling a cow’s voice. After the test, participants were given gifts consisting of a specially designed bag with a recipe leaflet, Greek Feta PDO sample and a wuppie in the shape of a sheep.


Furthermore, another space used by the chefs of Fetamania and the chefs’ club served as preparation booth for various snacks with Feta, such as little Feta cubes with olive oil and oregano, the traditional Cretan Ntakos with Feta, and Feta mousse with olives or peppers. These treats were widely welcomed by the exhibition’s public. Ft. Bletsas – famous TV chef and presenter – participated in the events, giving his special touch. Mr Katsaniotis, executive member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, also honored the exhibition with his presence.


The organizers left Amsterdam and the exhibition with a great amount of information and important conclusions concerning the sector. The large number of over 1000 visitors per day, and over 2000 during those days when the exhibition lasted until 22:00, enabled the company to contact the Dutch public and get a feel for what makes it tick. Now, the message is that the company can achieve its goal through hard work with the rest of the actions of its campaign in Holland (roadshows, TV campaign etc).